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Bullet For My Valentine – Fever

Fever – the metal core group Topic for Our Valentine’s 3rd facility recording. The recording includes without considering tracks eleven tracks. The CD was launched on April 21, 2010 in Asia, May 23 in Indonesia, May 26 in the United Kingdom, and May 27 in America, May 28 in Europe. Bullet For My Valentine – […]

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The Endless River

From a formal point of view, The Endless River is not so “new”, as in many respects its compositions are based on records and experiments of twenty years ago, made during the work on The Division Bell. On the other hand, in the musical component of the new disc, Pink Floyd, the time of his […]

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The Concerts Of Guns N’ Roses

Guns N’ Roses toured there went meant for their debut recording, a great deal to the 16-month “Hunger for Damage Visit.” Along with looks in Cossacks in Europe the team arranges shows in North-America Using Motley Cure the Conspiracy and Cooper. Throughout the 1987 visit, his supply shattered in a battle and was changed by […]

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The Albums Of Guns N’ Roses

The recording Hunger for Damage of the group Guns N’ Roses was launched on September 21, 1987. The recording experienced a big change InDesign by John Williams following the unique address style, with daggers in the place of teeth targeting software, bent-over an insensitive lady in a split gown with panties, was considered also questionable […]

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Video “Blackstar”

The track was shot no less odious and interesting video clip, filled with the symbolism of death and religion, in which Bowie appears in the role of either a blind man, or a prophet (later, also a clip for the song ‘Lazarus’). The images created in it (dancing in ritual ecstasy of zombies, crucified human […]

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The Albums Of Arctic Monkeys

On January 21, 2006, their debut recording was launched by the group Whatsoever People Claim I’m, That Is What I’m-Not. Even though that all of the tunes were currently on early demonstrations on the web, Whichever People Claim I’m, That Is What I’m-Not sold for your first week following the launch sold over 363,735 copies […]

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New album of The Penelopes

Are you able to reveal about recording that is new? Officially, we’re composing a lot of tunes. I what might be a wish to declare an album… probably, we’re planning to launch without computation after it. We’re a little sick and tired of all of this company stress. You want to launch your communication skills […]

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10 Years

In 2001 “Big Cosby “quit the group as well as in his location arrived Andrew Areas, which in 2001 documented the recording in to the half-moon”. Quickly seemed within the present singer of the team Brian Hacek, who performed before in another of the neighborhood teams. In 2002 Areas chose to depart the group, but […]

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