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Supermax is a musical project by the Austrian composer Johann Kurt Hauenstein 1949-2011, created in collaboration with producer Peter Hauke at the studio Europasounds Studio in 1976. The peak of popularity of the project fell on the period 1977-83, the period of active studio development for 1977-93. The lack of reliable information about the project’s […]

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The First Steps Of Arctic Monkeys

The team was created within the city of Large Green in 2002. Everything began that two pals – Cook and Turner – asked their parents to provide Holiday for many guitar to them. Equally chose to produce a group and got on a power guitar. Additionally, it contains college pals: Matt Holders and Andy Nicholson. […]

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Arctic Monkeys

“Arctic monkeys” is a rock-band. A suburb of Sheffield, large inexperienced. Presently includes musician and singer musician Jamie prepare, Turner, bass guitarist and drummer Matt Holders, changed who performed in Nicholson, who quit the group after the launch of the debut recording soon in 2006. The band gained and won Awards 2014, including within the […]

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10 Years

In 2001 “Big Cosby “quit the group as well as in his location arrived Andrew Areas, which in 2001 documented the recording in to the half-moon”. Quickly seemed within the present singer of the team Brian Hacek, who performed before in another of the neighborhood teams. In 2002 Areas chose to depart the group, but […]

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The Penelopes interview

How was shaped your group? One another are nearly known by us we fulfilled whenever we were infants, Ha. How unusual could it be?! Developing up we started initially to perform audio whenever we were teens, and turned buddies truly rapidly. We were residing in a type of forgotten relics within the north-east of England, […]

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The Penelopes Tell About The Band

What’s your toughest and absolute best storage using the group? Greatest Thoughts assembly Agnes is all of the projected with by John Smith… w and her team… a few of the remixes… the united kingdom visit as encouraging band for Individual Category (a German group has been selected by them!)… The tunes that are future. […]

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