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Interview with Kurt Howenstein

– In World Of Today there was a big hit “Love Machine”. How did it affect your life? – He did not immediately influence, but several years later. According to the theory of capitalists, money does not give income until two years later (laughs). From here development went, and looking back to the past people […]

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New album of The Penelopes

Are you able to reveal about recording that is new? Officially, we’re composing a lot of tunes. I what might be a wish to declare an album… probably, we’re planning to launch without computation after it. We’re a little sick and tired of all of this company stress. You want to launch your communication skills […]

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The Penelopes interview

How was shaped your group? One another are nearly known by us we fulfilled whenever we were infants, Ha. How unusual could it be?! Developing up we started initially to perform audio whenever we were teens, and turned buddies truly rapidly. We were residing in a type of forgotten relics within the north-east of England, […]

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