The 69 Eyes called an approximate release date for the new album

Finnish rockers The 69 Eyes are preparing to enter the studio to begin recording their new album, which is scheduled for 2019.

Here is what the vocalist of the collective Jyrki Linnankivi himself says:

“The 69 Eyes will give a few shows this summer, but that’s because we are writing new material for the next release. We will start recording in July. And we finished most of the songs. In fact, I’m glad to say that it will be released in February, March 2019. We will play a few shows, and then I will do my solo band: I’ll give a couple of concerts in the US in the fall. By the way, The 69 Eyes will celebrate their 30th anniversary next year. ”

When asked about where the vocalist takes inspiration for the lyrics of his songs, he replied:

“I believe in the first impression. When I hear a demo song, I need to immediately think about some words or some picture, I believe in it and use this first impression. If I need to remake a song, I give it to our guitarist, who writes most of the songs, I say: “She misses something.” This is a kind of cruel way to make it so that he completes the song. So sometimes I can not explain how the idea came from, or where the main lyrics sometimes come from. The ideas of the songs come from what is happening around me and around the world. For example, this time I was inspired by the negative chaos that circulates around. Unfortunately. Although on the other hand, and fortunately.”

We remind you that the previous album The 69 Eyes “Universal Monsters” was released in April 2016 on Nuclear Blast.

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