Accept is not just the founders of German metal (in Germany the 70’s were only Scorpions predecessors), but one of the creators of the speed-metal style, which influenced many groups all over the world, among which, for example, Metallica. They imitated and imitated till now, and the cover versions of the songs are now included not only in tributes, but also in numbered albums and set lists of the most diverse performers. Successfully there are actually tribute groups of Assert. The debut album was recorded back in ’78 (although it was released in ’79) and for that time was very heavy. This CD must have all the fans of Assert and everyone who is interested in the story. However, for the first acquaintance with the work of the band, due to the specificity of the sound, which is quite different from the usual classical sound, it will not work.

It is the combination of the heavy melody of the instrumental and the sharpness of Duo’s vocals – the main plus of the band! And how he sincerely sings “Glad to be Alone” – in my opinion, the best song of the album! In general, I must say, here all the songs are melodically good and heavy. It is difficult to single out something – only the last track is quite inferior to the rest. You just have to feel the unusual atmosphere of the album. Energetic opening “Lady Lou” with a relatively calm vocal part and an organically continuing track “Tired of Me” – with even more nervous vocals. Then the beautiful ballad “Sea winds” (one of the best in metal). I draw your attention to the originality of the next thing “Take Him in My Heart”: the atmosphere is again gradually heated, hysterical notes appear.

A catchy melody and a refrain, an accusatory lyrics and a sharply breaking pseudo-ending, when you think that everything is already … but a pause is maintained … and we hear Duo’s shrill cry. This is a bomb! Speaking of bombs. Can you hear the rising sound of the siren and the voice giving the countdown? This is the anti-war song “Sounds of War”. A real heavy monster for the late ’70s, with excellent lyrics and a beautiful solo part. The next cool high-speed track “Free Me Down” stylistically sends us to the third album Assert “Breaker”, being its direct “progenitor”. Then the already mentioned masterpiece “Glad to Be Alone”. It’s slow at first, and afterwards the amazing ballad is gaining pace. And finally, the last three songs. The first of them is a quick and noisy “That’s Rock’n’Roll”, whose name speaks for itself. It’s just frenzy! Duo at the end of the song breaks into a wild, deliberately unprofessional (!) Cry. “Helldiver” is a heavy track with a howling guitar background, but at the same time it’s melodic, with a rock and roll basis on the chorus. “Street Fighter” – the final, sometimes interesting number, with a good bass guitar part.

Interesting fact: Stefan Kaufmann is visible on the back cover of the album, – future main drummer of the band. Why? It’s simple – Stefan also took part in the recording of the debut and as an assistant engineer in the studio and already as a drummer (!), Who re-recorded part of the failed games for Frank Friedrich.

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