Album The Doors

The Doors – the debut album of the American band The Doors. Morrison’s early poetry entered into a symbiosis with Manzarek’s organ kaleidoscopes, Krigger’s guitar knots and Densmore’s jazz rhythmic handwriting. So there was born a great album, reflecting a turning point in the history and culture of the second half of the 60’s. Album is a legend.

The Doors album is significant because it was he who became the band’s first debut album, which later became famous. He began recording in 1966, but he left in 1967.

The composition of the band was classical, namely Jim Morrison – vocals, Joni Densmore – drums, Ray Manzarek – keyboards, bass, and Robbie Krieger – guitar. Subsequently, after Morrison’s death, Ray Manzarek and Robbie Krieger wanted to rebuild the group, but through the court, Densmore, as well as the Morrison family, opposed it. It was allowed to create a new group; using the name The Doors was categorically locked.

In the courtyard stood a controversial 1966. It was a time of great changes: changes in politics and economy, labor productivity, art and people’s consciousness. Even The Beatles ceased to be a pay-boy – threw off those stupid three-piece suits and recorded a revolutionary Revolver, forever changing the course of events. Like any period of time, this era also “helped” to pave the way for the future certain phenomena. One of such “pillars” in America 60 s was the Californian group The Doors.

And the story of The Doors started at Venice Beach and immediately with the song Moonlight Drive, then shy Jim Morrison, a student at UCLA College of Cinematography, performed his friend Ray Manzarek. He immediately felt in the verses and a peculiar singing of Jim’s strength and power, which immediately suggested the creation of a rock and roll band. And everything turned…

There were musicians, each of which is unique in using the capabilities of its instrument. The guys spent the whole year preparing their songs, incidentally speaking in Los Angeles bars. Among other establishments was the Whiskey a Go -Go, a club that had already become a cult then – many bands dreamed of performing there.

In this institution, The Doors met their future “patron” – the producer Paul Rothschild, who saw with his own eyes (and heard with his ears) what the guys on the stage had believed in and believed in them, backing up their words with the proposed contract with Elektra Records. By the way, “Doors” Rothschild was recommended by another “hero of rock and roll” – Arthur Lee of Love.

(However, later, he reproached the management of Elektra Records for investing most of the money in promoting The Doors, leaving Love in the background and even spending on Doors revenue from the sales of the music of the Love group.)

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