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Imagine Dragons are out of conceit with Zurich

What does it take for a long-time music editor to throw in the towel and capitulate during a concert for the first time? Imagine Dragons delivered a disappointing as well as fitting prime example in Zurich. 12,800 concertgoers. An up to burst filled Hallenstadion. Sold out to last place. Ideal conditions for a grandiose concert […]

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A report from the Wacken Open Air 2013 concert

The next 24th episode of the Wacken epic was so intrigued by everyone that the tickets were sold out in October 2012 – literally within hours of the headliner’s announcement of Rammstein. Then it seemed that this was just an unrealistic record. But when the Wacken 2013 team was still working on dismantling the scenes […]

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Rammstein ignites top class pyroshow

Munich. On their “Made in Germany” tour, a German band Rammstein has been a guest in the Olympiahalle. Known for their overwhelming stage shows, the avowed pyromaniacs literally set off fireworks. November 22, 2011, Munich Olympiahalle, 9:04 pm… The light in the hall goes out, all eyes are fixed on the main stage – but […]

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LINKIN PARK, 22.10.2010, Stuttgart

“I tried so hard and got so far, but in the end it does not even matter – I have to catch it all, but in the end it does not even matter” … crap, catchy earworm. But no wonder: full here, sold-out Schleyer-Halle. Everyone is singing along. Clapping and mobile movies is also very […]

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The Concert Of HIM

HIM is a Finnish rock-band started in 1991 guitarist by singer Ville Valo and Mikko Paananen. The person that is continuous is drummer Mika Karppinen, and because 2001 – keyboard Janne Puurtinen. Between 1997 eight business photos were launched by the group. HIM may be the globe’s first Finnish group, whose recording (Dim Lighting) was […]

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The Concerts Of Guns N’ Roses

Guns N’ Roses toured there went meant for their debut recording, a great deal to the 16-month “Hunger for Damage Visit.” Along with looks in Cossacks in Europe the team arranges shows in North-America Using Motley Cure the Conspiracy and Cooper. Throughout the 1987 visit, his supply shattered in a battle and was changed by […]

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