Examples of essays on different topics, useful for students with a lack of time

Five Parts of an Argumentative Essay: Guidelines for Learners

When being engaged in argumentative paper writing, a major goal is to admonish the readers that you possess reasonable arguments. In their turn, readers may be able to make a peculiar decision whether to take your stance or wave away the argument expounded. Please note that a persuasive paper only discusses one particular side of […]

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The Film – Pink Floyd The Wall

All mixed up in the room of a Los Angeles hotel, which locked the rock musician Pink – space and time, reality and a nightmare. Each brick in the “Wall” – his feelings, thoughts, memories. “Pink Floyd: The Wall” Pink Floyd the Wall feature film. Directed by Alan Parker in the script of Roger Waters, […]

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The Clips Of W.A.S.P.

This theatrical shock-rock group was shaped within the early 80is in LA (USA). The title “W.A.S.P.” Is definitely an acronym of “We’re Perverts “. And even, anything crazy went on at their shows: bits of beef that was uncooked flew underneath the steel roar of instruments, and about the phase a bare lady associated with […]

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Hans Zimmer — Interstellar

The soundtrack for the film “Interstellar” was released on November 18, 2014. And the film and music to him caused a whole flurry of admiration (and this in turn contributed to the emergence of haters). The music of Hans Zimmer to Interstellar struck many, amazes and will amaze. The soundtrack won the Saturn Prize and […]

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The electronic genre of nu-disco music combines the typical elements of brightness and sound stylistics of the 70’s and 80’s, coupled with the music’s most fashionable permissiveness of our time. The name of the style was born approximately in the middle of 2002, and by the beginning of 2008 it had already formed as an […]

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How to Write an Analytical Thesis

Imagine that you are one of jury members who listens to lawyer who, in his turns, introduces an opening speech. It will be tempting to find out more whether attorney suggests the accused being guilty, and in which way the attorney is planning to persuade you. Those people who are aware of academic papers tend […]

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Reforming University Courses to Achieve Society’s Economic Needs

There have always been debates on whether courses being offered in various universities are in line with the economic needs of society. With the level development witnessed in different sector of the economy, universities are considered rightful places to produce citizens who are capable of steering society’s economic needs higher (Miller, 2010). There is a […]

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Use of Animals in Scientific Research

Scientists over the centuries have used animals as lab tests to aid in the discovery of many Medicines and other health discoveries in the world. The use of animals has raised a lot of debate from animal activists and the society terming it as being cruel to the animals (Quigley, 2007). However much there has […]

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Why wealth nations should share their wealth with poor nations

I think that wealthy nations should be required to share their wealth with poorer nations. But their helping should only stop at providing such things as food and education because of the three following reasons. Firstly, citizens of both wealthy nations and poorer nations are human beings. Therefore, we cannot look at, hear of, or talk about […]

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