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Do foreign aids benefit donor countries more than the recipients?

Abstract This essay is a comparison on the benefits of foreign aids to donor countries and the recipients. The paper further discusses the origin of foreign aids and the social and economical impacts of foreign aids to both parties. Foreign aid dates back to the World War II. This was after the USA realized that […]

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Using Animals in Scientific Research

Scientific researchers frequently utilize animals as the media of experiment during their scientific explorations. Even though the codes of ethics state that the usage of human beings is not excusable, I think the use of animals is still unacceptable and impractical based on the rights of animals. In the pharmaceutical industry, it is normal to […]

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The extent that Universities function as Training Grounds for Employment

The topic about transforming universities into training grounds for job opportunities has elicited intense arguments over the years. Traditionally, institutions of higher learning had the mandate to equip students with knowledge and education (Vernez, Krop, & Rydell, 1999). However, the evolving nature of the job market counters the core objective of the universities. A majority […]

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Should Rich Countries Forgive Debts for Poor Countries

Introduction Some people argue for and against rich nations forgiving debts for poor nations based on different reasons.  However, despite the controversies surrounding this issue, it is imperative for rich nations to erase and forgive debts for poor nations to enable balanced development. This essay looks at the arguments why rich countries should forgive debts […]

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