Deep Purple – Come Taste the Band

Come Taste the Band the tenth studio album of the band Deep Purple, released in October 1975.

It is believed that Deep Purple has two of the most controversial records, and this one is the first one. But in the musical plan, it is clearly stronger than its predecessor. The new guitarist, American Tommy Bolin, has brought to the group “a fresh stream” as a guitarist, composer and even a vocalist. A lot of excellent guitar riffs-spark, vigorous vocals, no “tearfulness” from the past work the album is heard from start to finish “without failures.” Perhaps he lacks the charisma of Blackmore, but he cannot be called weak. The opening album “Coming ‘Home”, the beautiful concert numbers “Lady Luck” and “Getting’ Tighter”, two magnificent ballads that close it, show the potential of this composition, which would open up to the end, if the history of the band on this disc was not interrupted by the onslaught of difficulties The contradiction between Hughes and Coverdale, the addiction of Bolin to drugs.

Recording of the disc took place from August 3 to September 1, 1975 in the studio “Musicland Studios” in Munich. The album was released in October. This is the only studio album recorded with the participation of American guitarist and singer Tommy Bolin, who was invited to replace Richie Blackmore, who left the band.

In early 1975, Tommy Bolin managed to sign a contract with the record company “Emperor” and a few months later he recorded the debut solo album “Teaser” at the studio of the company, which was a juicy symbiosis of hard rock and jazz-rock mixed with funk and reggae. When this disc was completely accidentally (as claimed) heard John Lord, he did not hesitate to invite Bolin to “Deep Purple” at the place of Ritchie Blackmore, who had left not long before.

With the advent of Tommy Bolin, the style of “Deep Purple” underwent some changes. The group sounded a little softer stylistically, which had a negative impact on commercial performance, in the British charts, the band’s regular disc did not rise above the “honorable” 19th place, but in the American broom it crawled only to the 43rd.

It’s noteworthy that Tommy Bolin recorded the bass part in the first composition of the album “Coming ‘Home”, as Glenn Hughes did not appear in the studio that day. After the release of the record Glenn was very surprised to hear a new song for himself.

The premastered versions contain remixes of all the album’s songs conducted “under the direction” of Glenn Hughes. There is also a separate disc with early material from the album, recorded back in America. The album’s original is also original: the faces of the musicians in a glass of wine (the album was called “Come, Try the Band” thanks to Tommy Bolin, who after the first rehearsal with the band “strongly” and mixed up the words in the song where the song “Come, taste the wine, come, Listen to the band The texts are standard for duet Coverdale Hughes, i.e.: love lyrics in all its manifestations and the praise of rock’n’roll. In short, everyone understands that this album is ambiguous. On the one hand, it is a kind of experiment, with other «black sheep of the family» in the group’s albums. Tip one if you like Ritchie Blackmore’s guitar technique, listen to the album is not worth it. You are already sure to listen to Rainbow! Well, if you like Coverdale’s voice, Hughes and you share their same musical views you’ll surely like the album.

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