Five Parts of an Argumentative Essay: Guidelines for Learners

When being engaged in argumentative paper writing, a major goal is to admonish the readers that you possess reasonable arguments. In their turn, readers may be able to make a peculiar decision whether to take your stance or wave away the argument expounded. Please note that a persuasive paper only discusses one particular side of the whole issue, while an argumentative paper will both object the opposite argument and justify your stance with the presentation of facts.

Probably, one of the most common formats for all essay types is the structure that contains five paragraphs. When you are not sure what can be expected from you personally, visit your teacher in order to receive appropriate instructional lines. And do not forget that if you require any help with argumentative essay, it is possible to consult with your professor too. Do not be a procrastinator and try not to lay aside what you can do now.

Standard Format for Argumentative Papers

  • Paragraph of introduction: The part of introduction peculiar to the given type of paper is the place where the subject has to be reviewed in a general way, preparing a context for what is to take place. One of the next steps lies in explaining readers why the subject they have picked up is significant and the reason why they have to take care. The final part has to cover a statement of the personal point of view of a student. Those words you select for the final sentence have to demonstrate a fluent passage to the following paragraphs. The given approach can keep the process of thoughts in a logical way and combine thoughts mentioned in the previous part. To get more ideas for an argumentative essay, try to search the Internet or get a couple of ideas on the basis of personal experience.
  • First Point of the Main Body: Absolutely all paragraphs have to center on the discussion of one separate thought or idea. Add all facts you possess that back up the idea in every single paragraph. If you follow this pattern of action, the paper will be clear enough to the fullest extent.
  • Second Point of the Main Body: The given point will be placed in the given paragraph together with the supportive facts you have gathered during the process of conducting research. Do not forget that the topics for a argumentative essay play a considerable part and define the success of the whole paper. So, pay a close importance to this matter.
  • Third Point of the Main Body: The third point together with the supportive facts go into this section. In case there are some more points you want to make to be sure that your readers comprehend your stance clearly and fully, apply single paragraphs for each one. At the same time, one may say that it is useful to dedicate a couple of paragraphs in order to discuss the different conflicting opinions and thoughts.
  • Conclusion part: Remember that any new information is a taboo here. The given part is intended for pulling everything together by means of synthesizing informational sources introduced by you within the boundaries of the essay. Please mind that the part of conclusion is the last part of your paper readers will be left with; therefore, indicate the reason why the essay is so significant, make a study of all major points you have made, and make a review of the thesis. In case you do not know how to write a conclusion paragraph for an argumentative essay, then you may go online and try to look for any available information there.

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