Hans Zimmer — Interstellar

The soundtrack for the film “Interstellar” was released on November 18, 2014. And the film and music to him caused a whole flurry of admiration (and this in turn contributed to the emergence of haters). The music of Hans Zimmer to Interstellar struck many, amazes and will amaze. The soundtrack won the Saturn Prize and was nominated for Oscar, BAFTA, Golden Globe and Sputnik in the nomination “Best Original Soundtrack”.

Christopher Nolan already worked with Hans Zimmer – on the trilogy about Batman and “The Beginning”, and his sweeping, clinging to the bone marrow, causing hypodermic epic compositions in many ways made these films better. Nolan realized a very interesting idea – in fact, he suggested writing Hans Zimmer soundtrack without telling the film the most important thing – which it would be science fiction. In October 2012, instead of the script, Nolan sent Zimmer just one page, briefly describing the main dramatic story – the separation of the father and the child, without going into the circumstances of this separation. At that time, the script existed only in the head of Nolan, but surely he himself could not answer questions about the plot twists and turns. The letter was accompanied by the terms of the “game” – Hans should write a certain basic musical idea in one day and send it to Christopher for review. Since Zimmer at that time had a very busy schedule, he had to write this basic theme directly at night, he used the organ and the piano for the arrangement. Nolan liked this four-minute work very much, and during the process of writing the script and making the film, Zimmer gave Zimmer more detailed material, and Zimmer let him listen to Nolan’s work on the soundtrack. Thus, the film and music to it were created simultaneously and influenced each other mutually (as a rule, more often the film excels over its soundtrack). Nolan’s words about the separation of his father from his child sunk Hans deeply into the soul, because the problem of “fathers and children” for him – four times his father – remains very relevant, so Zimmer sadly missed this simple story through his heart, and perhaps this is covered The secret of such a disturbing sound at some deep levels, in which the moods of despair and utter loneliness slip. To better immerse himself in the atmosphere of estrangement from humanity Hans Zimmer for some time almost completely cut off contact with the outside world, locked himself in his London apartment.

The main advantage of both the film and the soundtrack of “Interstellar” is that the team that worked on their creation managed to combine humanity – even in the most remote corner of existence, a person remains a man, longing for children, and just for people, and opening around endless starry Paintings are not able to brighten up their greatness for this longing. And the great goal of the discoverer fades away next to the imagination of a quiet and peaceful life surrounded by those you love. Hans Zimmer, with his work on the film “Interstellar”, once again raises the soundtrack for unattainable heights. About these people say – he missed his creativity through himself, lived through the topic through. Two years of painstaking work, reflections and experiments – and not so much over music as on oneself, not many composers are so immersed in the process. Undoubtedly, one of the best works of Hans Zimmer!

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