Interview with Kurt Howenstein

– In World Of Today there was a big hit “Love Machine”. How did it affect your life?

– He did not immediately influence, but several years later. According to the theory of capitalists, money does not give income until two years later (laughs). From here development went, and looking back to the past people say: “I did it!”

– The song and the whole album had international success, which probably led to numerous tours…

– Yes, we played 250-300 concerts a year. It was a completely different, new sound, and it produced in the world the effect of a bomb that exploded. Interestingly, when the fame came, I was for everyone not an Austrian, but a German from Frankfurt.

– How did the concerts usually go? What are the halls? What is the reaction of the public? Which city or country did you like best?

– Concerts were all sorts. And for 150 people, and for 100,000 people. Favorite country is Russia.

– Hit “Love Machine” placed you strictly in the disco zone, is not this limitation for you?

– You know the love of the Germans for ordering, classification. I was put in a disco, and only years later realized that our music is more than disco. For the German audience, this music was called only disco, and in America the same song “Love Machine” fell into the soul charts, and in some places even in the rock charts. Just disco went well at that time, and we tried to match this stereotype. Our image – a blond with two mulattoes – was a suitable stereotype for this. In Germany, clubs began to open one after another for this music. Only in Germany there were 500 clubs…

– Thanks to this song?

– Thanks to the whole album. I also changed the principle of cutting records. Because it was one of the first maxi-singles on twelve inches, for the song did not fit on a standard 7-inch single.

– Your songs have always been long. So it turned out at recording sessions?

“I do not think about it when I’m writing.” When you play groove, it takes some time to get into the music and fall into a certain trance. At that time, the standard for pop songs was 3 minutes, and longer than three minutes DJs did not take to lose. I started doing 4 minutes, and I signed 3 on the plate, and they played. It was so easy to get out of the situation (laughs). And in discos, I usually told DJs that this is the first song in their practice, during which you can go to the toilet or smoke (laughs).

– Over the years, the extended mix has become a club standard…

– And in those days it was impossible. The publisher company said that no one will play it, because only one entry takes two minutes. Today, go to any club – it seems the whole evening plays the same thing (laughs). Then they said: “What kind of music is it? All the time” boom-boom-boom-boom. “And now one bass with a drum is normal .For today’s scene I’m fit for godparents or supreme gurus (laughs).

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