The Film – Pink Floyd The Wall

All mixed up in the room of a Los Angeles hotel, which locked the rock musician Pink – space and time, reality and a nightmare. Each brick in the “Wall” – his feelings, thoughts, memories.

“Pink Floyd: The Wall” Pink Floyd the Wall feature film.

Directed by Alan Parker in the script of Roger Waters, based on the Pink Floyd 1979 album of the same name. Includes game and animation episodes, in which the real character is mixed – Pink Floyd, his memories, fantasies and metaphorical images that convey the state of the character. The video is accompanied by Pink Floyd songs, which mostly coincide with the content of the album (a small part of the songs is omitted, the songs missing in the album are added, the text is changed in places). Animation in the film is made by Gerald Scarf.

The main character of the film – Pink – has protected himself from the society since childhood. So he was influenced by people around him, his manners and prejudices. His father died during the Second World War. All his childhood Pink is unsuccessfully looking for a replacement for his father in other men. Pink faces the incompetence and rudeness of teachers, with the fact that they “drag out every weakness concealed by children”.

Growing up, Pink becomes a rock musician and achieves success in the US. He marries, but eventually more and more away from his wife. She cheats on him with a certain public activist, while Pink is on tour in Los Angeles. The wife returns to him, but under the influence of drugs Pink does not recognize her. And she again leaves him, this time – forever. At the party, after Pink’s speech, one of the group girls gets into the penthouse of the hotel and tries to sleep with him, but Pink breaks and smashes out the apartments, driving her out of the room.

The protagonist decides to completely withdraw into himself, “completing the Wall”. He manages to do this under the influence of drugs, and at the moment when Pink should go on stage, the producer finds him in a state of stupor. The show should continue at all costs, and in order to revive Pink and bring him to the scene, he orders doctors to introduce Pink a powerful drug.

Pink is taken to the stage, but in his sick imagination the concert becomes a Nazi rally, and he himself is the Fuhrer. At some point, the action of drugs ends and Pink tries to stop the madness in his mind. Confronting the “worms,” Pink himself makes a judgment to himself to relieve the burden of the past and break the wall that separates him from normal life.

The judicial process takes place in his soul and in an unhealthy mind. During the process, before his inner eye, all the protagonists of his life appear, making claims to his soul. The court is a painful, but necessary, moment of the hero’s inner liberation. As a result of the process, Pink destroys his own “Wall” and thus frees himself from his insanity.

The last scene of the film – children, ordering the wreckage of the wall.

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