Promotion and success of the album Post

The recording was chose to be documented within the renowned business Compass Point Galleries, within the Bahamas. The saving within the Bahamas supplied extra power to Björk though this resulted in an increase in cost. A few of the issues Bjork documented, even operating across the seaside or resting about the beach. The words for “Protect Me” were initially documented using the looks made the looks of numerous devices, and also by bats within the cavern. Though this edition of the tune wasn’t contained in the album a box set about the CD and with uncommon substance -solitary “Military of Me”.

Experts perfectly received the recording. Based on the mathematical site Recommended Audio, Article is the greatest recording of within the style of artwork place 1995 and it is about the 6th devote the overall listing of the absolute most acknowledged photos. At the year’s end the launch ended up to become about the greatest photos of numerous audio magazines’ listings.

Industrial achievement additionally accompanied the recording: it attained the 2nd devote the English and Western graphs and struck the most truly effective five charts of numerous nations, having obtained jewelry standing such areas as The UK, USA Europe.

Article was selected to get a Grammy-Award for Greatest Option Recording, and also the tune “It Is Oh-So Peaceful” for “Greatest Music-Video” Bjork gained Dansk Grammy, the Awards and Worldwide Dance-Music Prizes as “Greatest Global Artist”. The Europe Audio Prizes were won by her as “Greatest Artist” and stated exactly the same reward annually later. Within the improvement of fresh musical styles, the performer was granted the Vanguard Honor in acknowledgement of her accomplishments additionally. Icelandic music prizes Björk gained the Recording of the Season, The Performer of the Season, The Vocalist of the Season, Author Of the Season and Tune of the Season for that monitor Military Of Me, as well as stated the Author of the Season and again On “The Vocalist of the Season” a year later; The monitor “Isobel” was the 2nd nominee for “The Tune of the Season”. In Sweden, the vocalist was granted the award in Croatia Premix, as well as within the class “Best International Performer” Della music within the class “Vocalist of the Entire Year”. Additionally Bjork was selected for that Upper Authority Music Prize. The cut “I Overlook You” gained the Annie Honor. About the Music Prizes, the cut “Military of me” obtained two nominations, and “It Is Oh-So Peaceful” – six, having gained the “Choreography “.

In 1999 journal set the Article in the listing of “ninety best albums” about the seventh place, and Liquid journal was about the third-place within the listing of “100 90s albums”. In 2011 magazine rated Article in its listing of “100 greatest photos of the 1990s” for second-place. Among different models that incorporated Pitchfork Article Mojo Play, NME Audio Marine, Naked whilst the News Rock Lux and many more.

Article repeatedly experienced the covers of the greatest photos of all-time and the millennium, particularly, such guides as Result of Sound Feel, Warm Press Liquid.

In 2008, Stereo gum launched an homage album titled Loved: A Homage to the Article of Björk, honoring the recording. One of the designers who required component for that selection within the development of addresses are outlined Liars, Filthy Projectors, Pallet.

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