Rammstein ignites top class pyroshow

Munich. On their “Made in Germany” tour, a German band Rammstein has been a guest in the Olympiahalle. Known for their overwhelming stage shows, the avowed pyromaniacs literally set off fireworks.

November 22, 2011, Munich Olympiahalle, 9:04 pm… The light in the hall goes out, all eyes are fixed on the main stage – but this remains dark. Gradually a murmur goes through the crowd and all heads turn towards the mixer. At first, only one helper with a red signal lamp can be seen. In short you can see only a torchlight the way through the crowd. The torch follows the band with Bayern flag. They stop in front of the mixer, the floor rises and the musicians are raised several meters. Meanwhile, a bridge descends from the hall ceiling, which connects to the main stage. With plenty of fireworks, Till Lindemann, Richard Kruspe, Paul Landers, Oliver Riedel, Christoph Schneider and Christian Lorenz make their way to the stage over the heads of the raging spectators. This is completely kept in factory hall optics. A lot of rusty metal, no continuous floor, only grid. Oversized fans are lowered from above and placed at different angles above the stage.

Of course, pyrotechnics is the central hanger of the whole show in the sold out Olympiahalle. No matter if the railing of the stage bridge burns, real rockets are fired or sparks of sparks pour over the band, no song can do without effects. Fireworks whiz across the audience over thin ropes, meter-high pillars of fire, burning microphones and guitars underscore the band’s love of fire. In the last song “Engel” Lindemann appears with oversized metal wings that spit fire, of course. A concert of perfection, each band knows where to stand, when, and from which pyro effect. The spectators were enthusiastic. Rammstein delivers what it says: a perfect stage and pyro show. Every lifting and lowering of the stage elements and the bridge is timed to the second, everything runs off smoothly.

The bridge between the stages was used several times, particularly provocative at the song “Bück Dich” when the dominatrix disguised drummer his chain colleagues on linen chained slipping on knees slipping across the floor. Also during the song, which was played on the small stages, the keyboarder got lashes repeatedly. The highlight was that singer Lindemann pulled a dildo out of his pants and injected a strangely snuff-smelling liquid into the audience. As a further suggestion he rode on an oversized penis and squandered foam. The spectators expect this from a Rammstein concert and these expectations are absolutely fulfilled.

The tickets were gone on sale in July within hours. In order to avoid black market trading, each buyer had to give his name, which was printed on the card. The cards were sent only about two weeks before the concert and at the entrance you had to legitimize several times with ID card or driver’s license and his card. A scandal was still ahead of the concert. The date originally set on the dead Sunday was postponed by the court on Tuesday.

Bandleader Till Lindemann did not lose himself in chats with the fans during the whole concert. No announcement of the songs – was not necessary. The first few notes were enough to cheer the audience. The Made-of-Germany tour is a cross-section of all Rammstein epochs. The only thing missing was the current single “My Country”. Twice the band asked for encores until the lights in the Olympiahalle started again at 11 pm. True Bavarian style, then the six musicians said goodbye with their version of Haindling’s “Bayern”. Stagehands were already ready to disassemble the assembled and perfectly sophisticated stage elements in no time and pack them in boxes. This background work and the interdependent processes also showed that such a show can and must only be perfect. The crew climbed up the stage carriers at the same speed and roped off, as Rammstein presented in a concert.

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