A report from the Wacken Open Air 2013 concert

The next 24th episode of the Wacken epic was so intrigued by everyone that the tickets were sold out in October 2012 – literally within hours of the headliner’s announcement of Rammstein. Then it seemed that this was just an unrealistic record. But when the Wacken 2013 team was still working on dismantling the scenes and cleaning up the camp site on the Wacken site, the “Sold Out” for 2014 was highlighted! For the 9th time in a row. And it’s already 48 hours after the start of the sale.

Organizers Wacken Open Air Holger Hübner and Thomas Jensen, of course, did not expect such a development: “It’s incomprehensible! We thank our community for their absolute trust and tremendous support. Wacken is and always will be a festival created by metalfans for metalfans. The fans are the headliners in the Holy Land. “Let us return, however, to the chronicle of the battles that were waning at the North German theater of metal actions.

After last year’s impassable bogs, capricious northern weather replaced anger at mercy and greeted the guests with the sun, often looking through the clouds – the perfect weather for camping. When the tents are already standing and opening the first bottles of beer, you can watch with interest the future change of modern stars of the metal scene. As always, Wacken aspires to expand its borders: here also such countries as exotic for metal, like India (thrash-team Devoid) and China (Nine Treasures), and merry guys from Latvian La Chudra (hardcore with elements of punk and even death) and Polish grindband Gnida.

As a result of the competition, the contract for the release of the album with Nuclear Blast is won by Canadians from Ontario Crimson Shadows. With their mixture of epic-death and power, they leave behind themselves competitors from 30 countries. In addition to the main prize, they receive tools and equipment from Marshall, Washburn, Markbass, Paist and other world leaders of the music industry. In addition to virtuoso possession of instruments, they demonstrate their remarkable talent for songwriting. I can recommend everyone to listen to their debut last year’s album “Glory On The Battlefield”.

Before the beginning of the main festival events I decide to make a traditional walk to the village of Wacken. I do not cease to marvel at this remarkable spectacle: on both sides of the main street people in black T-shirts are moving in a continuous stream, stopping at the numerous improvised shops, snack bars and pubs, the prices in which, by the way, are 2 or even 3 times cheaper than in the territory festival. Some of the local residents actively earn money at the festival, while the other part peacefully drinks coffee on the balconies and terraces, considering the already crowded crowd for decades.

At 20:15 the turn of the legendary Deep Purple is coming. Together with Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin, they more than 40 (scary!) Years ago laid the foundations of metal music. Highway Star immediately demonstrates the excellent shape of the British “old men”. They also present new compositions from the last album “Now What?”, Which took 1st place in the German charts. The current line-up in the face of Ian Gillan, Ian Paic, Roger Glover, Steve Morse and Don Airey since 2002, after the departure of Jon Lorda, who was the main driving force of the group, along with Ritchie Blackmore, did not undergo any changes. It was the Lord, who exactly died a year ago at the age of 71, and dedicates his concert to Deep Purple. Contrary to many rumors, Gillan’s vocals are still quite on level. Although it does not play for a long time, Child In Time, however, in the current program, you really can not find the quality difference between live vocals and studio recordings of the past. Especially I want to note guitarist Steve Morse – just space technology, connected with the flight of the soul! If many performers have long guitar solos already a minute later stuffed with nausea, then Steve’s solo after Contact Lost could be listened to indefinitely as an independent musical composition. Well, when the company to him on Smoke on the Water is the legendary Uli Jon Roth, then the guitar fireworks simply do not have a limit! End one and a half hour performance of legendary Hush and Black Night.


The fact that the main headliner of the festival is this year Rammstein almost no one has any doubts. In Germany, tickets for their concerts, which, moreover, are very rare, diverge in a matter of minutes, despite the high cost (about 80 Euros). The legendary Madison Square Garden in New York was sold out in 15 minutes, which is an absolute record for its entire existence. Let the albums of the last decade, according to many fans, not as monumental as the early works, live performances of Rammstein are always at the highest level.

1000 tons of steel structures for the show were installed in less than 5 hours. The team of the festival once again proved its professionalism. The first chords of Ich tu dir weh sound, the curtain falls, Till Lindemann in a faded pink fur jacket sits on a huge elevator. The sound is perfectly built – perhaps one of the best works of operators I’ve ever heard. All the frenzied combination of the power of sound, explosions and fireworks is almost impossible to convey on paper. Lindemann, having thrown off an idiotic jacket, turns into a real maniac on Wollt ihr das Bett in Flammen sehen? The talent of reincarnation of the vocalist is beyond doubt. The set list is almost perfectly arranged, especially the bundles of three percussion songs, like Asche zu Asche – Feuer frei! – Mein Teil and Benzin – Links 2-3-4 – Du hast. And everything flows just an avalanche, without stopping, not giving rest to the audience for a minute! Pause for the first time occurs after the 17th song Ich will. On the stage, darkness reigns. But soon piano chords are heard: Mein Herz brennt is performed only to the accompaniment of this instrument. Behind the lyrical digression there is a surprise: the star of the German stage Heino is performing on stage and sings with Lindemann Sonne. Under the final Pussy everything is fired upon by their huge cannon-like foam substance, perfectly imitating the sperm – its shreds soar over their heads creating a stunning light effect…

One of the main events of the festival was to be the performance of Motörhead. As you know, in view of Lemmy’s state of health, all of their summer concerts were canceled. Shortly before the festival comes the joyful news that the engines will still perform at Wacken. The concert starts with I Know How to Die and the traditional greeting of Lemmy: We are Motörhead and we play rock’n’roll. However, it can be seen that he does not look well, and the next songs were announced by guitarist Phil Campbell. Lemmy like there is not enough air. After Over the Top he leaves the stage. Phil fills a long pause with his solo. Then Kilmister briefly returns to play The Chase Is Better Than the Catch and leaves completely, unable to continue the concert further. All this lasted only about 30 minutes, 45 less than the planned time. The legend somewhat overestimated its strength, and the heat served as another critical factor. There were many rumors that he was getting worse and worse, but a few days later on the official page they were refuted. The other day, guitarist Slash wrote in his Twitter about his visit to Lemmy and that he’s all right – he is actively working on a new album. We all wish him final recovery and we hope to see his concerts more than once.

Lamb Of God have recently experienced a lot of unpleasant moments associated with imprisonment and a recent trial of vocalist Randall, released only on bail of $ 300,000. Despite this, the metalworkers from Richmond and, in particular, the “criminal himself” are in good shape and begin to swarm with Desolation. The sound is terrible at first, but it can be corrected to Set To Fail more or less. The erupting thunder, although it dispersed part of the audience, did not cool the ardor of the numerous fans of the group. Laid to Rest, Now You’ve Got Something to Die For, The Black Label has not left anyone indifferent.

It was Sunday, time to collect tents, pack cars and say goodbye. Some leave at night, right after the last concerts. We sadly leave our field as one of the last. Only in a year we will see our family again. In addition, for the 25th anniversary of the festival, the organizers are preparing more than one surprise!

We express gratitude to the organizers of the festival for the accreditation granted.

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