Seventh Avenue

In the distant 1989, several young children, inspired by the music of bands such as Helloween, Whitecross, Bloodgood, decided to create their own band. The work began, and after a while the product of their efforts was released on one of the small and unknown labels.

1991 brought with it a reshuffle in the composition. The then vocalist decided to stop communicating with the microphone and handed over the reins to the then 17-year-old guitarist Herbier Langham’s. In this regard, the group could no longer or did not want to continue to work under the old name. So it was unanimous, i.e., with full consensus, the group became known as Seventh Avenue. And most importantly, the guys decided to further develop and “not follow the fashion, do not do what everyone does”, i.e. To remain adherents of that idea and the goal that they chose at the very beginning of their career; Classic Heavy Metal.

1993 brought Seventh Avenue the first major success. Their first demo of ‘First Strike’ made them talk about the band around the world: in many magazines, not only in Germany, but even in the US, the demo received enthusiastic reviews. Naturally, the success had to be something to back up, and the group gave a whole series of concerts, gaining the attention now not only of the press, but of the public, i.e. Fans. Everyone was absolutely sure that the group could not be saved from success.

But 1994 made its own adjustments. Having started recording her debut album “Rainbow land”, Seventh Avenue ran into the reluctance of the second guitarist to stay in the band for obscure reasons. Well, it’s done, and now, besides playing vocals, playing guitar, Herbier had to write another guitar. After several months of hard work in the studio “Rainbow land” was born, and plus everything with the maxi-single “Children”, which is now a collection rarity, almost a rarity.

With the album ready in hand, the band began offering various recording companies to sign a contract with them. And in 1996, a long search led them to the company Treasure Hunt Record, where they signed a contract to record two albums. No wonder that in a short time the group again settled in the studio. Work began on the second album “Tales of Tales”.

After a successful predecessor, ‘Tales of Tales’ was accepted to “hurray” by both critics and fans around the world. The album even ranked 18th in the Japanese Heavy Metal Charts.

1997 brought the band the replacement of their old drummer Louis Schlock on the new Mike Plunger. Also it should be noted that one of the guitarists (although only session music) was Andy Guitar from the friendly team “Light mare”. After a short replay, the band decided and soon recorded their third album, “Southgate”. This disc immediately became popular and on one of the Texas radio stations for several weeks even ranked first.

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