Viking steel and people steel band. The group’s title could be converted as “age swords”, which could also imply “lawlessness from Icelandic.” This title describes a period of time referred to as Age Starlings that will be regarded one of cruelest and the bloodiest within the background of Iceland.



Icelandic group Skálmöld was shaped in September 2009, in Reykjavik. All six people of the team had time for you to play and had various audio tastes. But, having gathered the people instantly registered their initiatives to produce substance due to their debut recording and discovered shared comprehension.

Sigurdsson and friends Ragnarsson, who’d formerly performed in a variety of rings, chose to begin a group that was fresh in September 2009. Component was additionally taken by additional people of the group previously the scene that was Icelandic. Originally, just like a pastime was considered by the team, but quickly the individuals choose to report their first recording before they become “exhausted and old.” After failed efforts to agreement with report businesses that were Icelandic, the Faroese tag Tut in December 2010 documented the group and on Dec 15, 2010 launched the very first recording – Baldur – within Iceland and the Islands. In May 2011 the group authorized a using the tag that was Austrian re and Napalm Documents -documented the recording Baldur, that was launched global in July of the year.

The agreement with Napalm Documents led towards the band’s recognition. Skálmöld was asked towards the Waken Open-Air event that was German. On April-13, 2012 the group began documenting their next album Loki, that was launched in Oct of the year.

Skálmöld offered many shows at Harpies concert-hall in Reykjavik along with the Symphony Orchestra.

In the beginning, the band members’ purpose was to combine Icelandic conventional audio and the steel. The audio of Skálmöld was affected from the works of rings as: Icelandic composer Leaf’s, in addition to Metallica Anthrax, Slayer Samarth and Ensiferum. Snobbier writes the words totally in Icelandic and therefore are centered on Germanic- sagas and mythology. To some Outdated Norse types of passage, the scrolls correspond additionally.


N. Sigurdsson

P. Ragnarsson

Aurni Baldvinsson

Gunnar Bill

Geir Johannsson

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