Stratovarius — Destiny

Seventh album of Finnish power lifters. And again gold. Admired by this success, the band gives a lot of concerts around the world, receiving various statuses in rock magazines, such as the best guitarist or the best vocalist. Now everyone knows exactly about this team. The album was recorded in Finn ox studios, so there is no need to worry about the sound quality. Melodically the disc represents a continuation of the previous masterpiece “Visions” and the subsequent “Infinite”.

But not as a repetition of what has been done, but as a completely new stage. And, really, the album is amazing! What are the only ballads “Years Go By” and “Venus in the Morning”! Let me remind you that before the maestro Tolko composed slow compositions, but here they look much more interesting and soulful. Of course, someone can blame them for the increased composition of “sugar in the blood,” but what do you want? Such a Sam! Of the heavy tracks, you cannot ignore the chic ten-minute thing “Anthem of the World”. She simply amazes with her symphonic component, in the form of a leading melody performed on a violin. Several are shocked by the opening song “Destiny”. As everyone already understood this is the title epic of the album and again the old problem is too long a time delay. Well, such downhill fighters as “Rebel”, “Cold Winter Nights” and “S.O.S.” will easily be included in the list of the best things of the collective. A little bit apart is “Playing with Fire”.

This is a medium-tempo masterpiece, distinguished by a grumpy drive, and a slightly gloomy atmosphere. And who did not exploit it And Silent Force and At Vance, but still the original is the original, no matter how good a copy would be. Undoubtedly, the winning move for the gang was the use of only one heavy composition, here it looks very impressive. It’s about the sensual and heartfelt megahit “4000 Rainy Nights”. How it does not sound wild, but there is not a single weak topic on the record, just a collection of creams! I think that the album “Destiny” is one of the best discs in the history of the band.

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