Supermax is a musical project by the Austrian composer Johann Kurt Hauenstein 1949-2011, created in collaboration with producer Peter Hauke at the studio Europasounds Studio in 1976. The peak of popularity of the project fell on the period 1977-83, the period of active studio development for 1977-93. The lack of reliable information about the project’s activities and the biography of K. Hauenstein are due to the fact of more than fifteen years of conflict between the musician and the West German media, which dates back to the mid-1970s. The discography of the project includes 12 studio albums.

Kurt Koenstein was created in his childhood was caught up by audio as well as in Vienna. Nevertheless, in Luxembourg that was provincial, much achievement within this area can’t be performed and he chose to proceed to Frankfurt, to Indonesia. There, Kurt fulfilled with Frank Farina, as well as for a period caused him. Additionally, Koenstein enjoyed in funk and a variety of party -tasks. From whom he consumed power for his potential task; he particularly preferred shows with dark artists. In 1976, Kurt started “Supermax” and the very first report, “Don’t Quit the Audio”, was launched. Koenstein could construct a lot of spirit, funk reggae rhythms and create from this a pulsing that are interesting deadly audio that instantly turned a unique function of “Supermax”.

Well-defined bass riffs coupled with a history that is tough percussion with large guitar notes, and appealing defeat. Motifs that are polyphonic were really ideal for backing vocals that are feminine. Into trance, boring beat along with a low-insignificant audio framework, because it was, launched fans in the same period.

The group’s second recording, “Globe of Nowadays”, seemed. To the strike “Love Device”, the populace of “Supermax” leaped significantly, primarily thanks using its launch. For Kurt herself, this ended up to become really unforeseen, he wasn’t really drawn to live shows and as he did audio mostly. Consequently, he constrained his conversation with journalists. Koenstein was usually a significant individual that is persistent so when everybody waited to press photos that are industrial, he launched the “Fulfills the ” CD, that was not meant for a large market, and mirrored his encounters that are individual.

“Supermax “‘s scrolls will always be only a little politicized, as Kurt imagined coexistence of individuals without chauvinism and any bigotry. Therefore, within the structure, in 1977 “Be Careful South Africa” he indicated his protest and also the title-track in the disk of 1980 “Kinds of Skin” was focused on relationships between individuals with various skin colors.

By the way, his wife was a Negro, and during a tour of the Republic of South Africa in 1981 they received quite a lot of threats from both the white and the black population. Kurt, however, did not pay much attention to these threats, but continued to do his favorite thing – music. In 1983, he became the first white, invited to the festival “Reggae Sun splash”, held in Jamaica. Enthusiastic crowds of spectators met there “Supermax”, speaking there, as headliners.

The group continued until 1994, and then suddenly it disappeared somewhere. Only in 2002, Kurt made his mark, releasing a new album with Bulgarian musicians.

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