Underworld – Dubnobasswithmyheadman

This is actually the next recording Underworld, launched on Jury Child’s Own on January24, 1994 in the United Kingdom. It had been Underworld’s initial recording following the 80s, once the group created the transition to modern and techno. As well as the first recording, by which Emerson seems like a person in the band, entering the band, which survived till Emerson’s stage quit in 2001.

Underworld is a British electronic group based on Carl Hyde and Rick Smith.

This creative union was formed in the late 70’s, when Hyde and Smith both studied at the Art University of Cardiff (Wales). Carl studied painting; Rick was going to become an electronics man. But they brought future stars not lectures at all and not even neighborhoods in the hostel, but…. Working together at a nearby restaurant, where Carl was preparing desserts and salads, and Rick was washing dishes. In principle, it was the usual sustained hard rock style – the place of frequent gatherings of students and beginning musicians, many of whom were Rick and Carl’s buddies. Given the low level of income, Hyde and Smith often fed them from the kitchen’s black entrance. It is difficult to say whether this caused the dismissal of the guys or not, but soon Karl and Rick themselves were left without work, but they were not upset about it. Warmed by ambition and belief in their own talent, they thought they were too good to spend money working in Cardiff’s eateries. By that time, they had become bosom friends, and Rick was part of the first group of Charles the Screen Gems. Their goal was quite understandable – to become stars.

The leader of the group was Carl Hyde: he asked the direction in which the team developed, was the author of the songs; he also became the author of the cover of the single Screen Gems.

The band’s style was a mix of Kraftwerk and reggae sounds.

However, such cooperation turned out to be short-lived. After spending a year on music and not even getting a hint of the expected glory and recognition, Smith decided that show business was not for him, and left the band. Now he recalls: “When I joined Screen Gems, I sincerely thought it was the best band in the world: they gave concerts, and their single was playing in the John Peel show. At that moment, I believed that it was my time and now everything will finally happen. But the reality turned out to be much more cruel – before that I never had to live two months in a row in a trailer car and for half a day to shake during exhausting journeys. It was like a grin. Twelve months later I left the group. In my opinion, it was all too crazy. ”

The Screen Gems group existed almost three years (from 1981 to 1983), released the single “I Do not Like Cars: Teenage”.

Rick Smith, who, it would seem, was already disappointed in the world of show business, soon joined the new project of the restless Karl Hyde – the group Freur.

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