Use of Animals in Scientific Research

Scientists over the centuries have used animals as lab tests to aid in the discovery of many Medicines and other health discoveries in the world. The use of animals has raised a lot of debate from animal activists and the society terming it as being cruel to the animals (Quigley, 2007). However much there has been a cry against animal research, it is evident that the use of animals has been for the better of the society, the question that arises is that to what extent is the use of animals in scientific research acceptable. Animal testing is acceptable when used purposely for research.

For the purpose of research, there are incidents where there is no any other alternative source of research apart from animals. In such cases, use of animals for research is not avoidable. Polio vaccination is an example of animal research that has yielded a lot of benefit to the world (Silver & Halstead, 2001). If there were no use of animals in the polio research, the disease would still have been claiming many lives to date.

There are situations where scientists have to go an area never been inhabited before, in such situation animals are normally first. In such circumstances, the life of the scientists or researchers is paramount, and analysis of the area is conducted beforehand to know if the environment will be conducive therefore not risking the life of the researchers (Quigley, 2007).  When performing such kind of researches, the use of animals is acceptable since animals and humans have almost the same body physiology.

Scientists and researchers need to mind the opinion of all concerned about animal research. The fact that animal research is acceptable should not now result in the cruelty to animals and use of them in research only for personal, profit gains instead of for the betterment of humanity. Animal research if employed in a responsible manner will be the Saviour of the world especially in this modern times associated with many disease breakdowns

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