W.A.S.P. – W.A.S.P.

Good debut for a great band.

Rarely do you see that the band from the first album reached such popularity, as it was with W.A.S.P. To put it bluntly, the group deserved this popularity, as it produced a powerful, original and nothing like material. I would call it some kind of heavier rock’n’roll version of hard’n’heavy – the melodies and rhythms are a bit too heavy for sound and concept, but they cannot be called hard. In addition, music is notable for its extraordinary energy, based on the filthy and rustic, but at the same time, driving and memorable reefs and vocal choruses. Among the compositions I cannot fail to note the introverted frenzied and slightly hymnal “I Want to be somebody”, which is a heavy-rock’n’roll fighter. Slow and sensual “Sleeping (In the Fire)” is also at a height – it clearly feels the theme of unhappy love or something like that, but in any case a very emotionally and beautifully executed composition. Also very powerful and gloomy “The Torture Never Stops”, which is one of the most unusual and atypical tracks of the band in general, is very hooked, and it deserves some originality. In the end, I note that the album was really successful, and introduced in the middle of the eighties, besides a different stylistic bottom-hole layout, also some kind of cheekiness, and somewhere even vulgarity, audible in the texts, but we sometimes, by the way, do not us?

The legendary debut of one of the most famous heavy metal bands in the world. What can I say: the album turned out in all respects excellent and immediately brought to the collective fame and success that accompanied them all the 80’s? No, it’s not a revelation at all, but classic heavy metal with a few glim-metal flashes in some of the songs. However, already here the charisma of the leader of Blackie Lowes’s group (real name – Stephen Duren) was fully manifested, the voice and shock of which became the calling card of W.A.S.P. The recording is very good: all the instruments are played well, the vocals are well-recorded. Do not screw up and the musicians themselves: the hard rhythm section of Lawless and Richards and the cool guitar duo of Holmes and Piper exude megawatts of energy from their instruments. The most powerful and crazy in the atmosphere heavy metal action movies “I Want to Be Somebody”, “LOVE Machine” (the best on the album), “Hellion”, “Tormentor”, “The Torture Never Stops” and the ballad “Sleeping In The Fire” Classics of the group, the rest of the things look just quality. Since I got a publication with bonuses, I will mention a bit about them too: a hard, though not high-quality, obscene-pornographic action film “Animal”, pure aggressive speed metal “Show No Mercy” and another hit that did not make it to the album, “Paint It Black”. I would say that this work is one of the most striking in the history of W.A.S.P. And the best metal music debut in 1984, which put the band alongside rock monsters, such as, for example, Judas Priest. This album is rightly considered a classic of world metal.

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