Why wealth nations should share their wealth with poor nations

I think that wealthy nations should be required to share their wealth with poorer nations. But their helping should only stop at providing such things as food and education because of the three following reasons.

Firstly, citizens of both wealthy nations and poorer nations are human beings. Therefore, we cannot look at, hear of, or talk about people who lack food, education, etc… Without compassion and sympathy. Sharing wealth with poorer nations is not only a good deed but is also a task.

Secondly, many nations in Africa and Asia are very poor. Famine, diseases, crime and illiteracy are killing the citizens of these countries. In the contrary, many nations in Europe and America are too rich. If there are no actions taken, this inequality will increase dramatically. Poor countries will become more and poorer while rich countries will become more and richer. As a result, the poorest countries will become slaves of the richest countries. So, sharing wealth is a useful way to prevent people from that bad future.

Thirdly, although sharing wealth with poorer nations is very necessary but this help should only stop at providing such things as food, medicine and education. Or else, poor nations may become dependent on the aid. They may lose enthusiasm to build their countries by themselves. Moreover, rich nations can take advantage of sharing wealth to interfere with the governance of poor nations’. This can’t be considered a humane action and should be prevented.

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